Volunteer for International Exchange

There are many international people in Kanoya studying, visiting, participating in a homestay, or even residing in Kanoya for an extended period.

The people who welcome and help these international people are volunteers.

In KIEA, we recruit those who would like to use their skills for these international people.

We also introduce volunteers to other local agencies for international exchange purposes.

There is no registration fee. Please feel free to register.


Language Volunteer Interpret and translate in events supporting international residents or international exchange. For people who have passed level 1 English language proficiency exams.
Host Family Volunteers Invite international residents/visitor to stay in their home and introduce Japanese culture to the guests.
Japanese Culture Volunteer Introduce Japanese traditional culture such as tea ceremony or Japanese dance to international visitors.

Process of Volunteer’s Activity

  1. Third party agency (from here: client) applies for services of volunteer for KIEA.
  2. KIEA secretariat contacts volunteers for referral.
  3. Response and consent from the volunteers.
  4. Referral of volunteer contact information to the client.
  5. Adjustment of date and time for the activity between volunteers and the client.
  6. Submission of report to KIEA from the client about the activity conducted.

Outline of the International Exchange Volunteer Program (PDF)

Volunteer Applicants

  1. Applicant downloads the registration form.
  2. After filling out the registration form, the applicant submits the form to KIEA.
  3. KIEA secretariat sends “registration completed” notification email or fax to applicant.

Volunteer Registration Form (Japanese)

Language Volunteer

Explanation of Duties (PDF)

Registration Form (PDF)

Host Family Volunteer

Explanation of Duties (PDF)

Registration Form (PDF)

Japanese Culture Volunteer

Explanation of Duties (PDF)

Registration Form (PDF)