Volunteer Service Request

To Apply

Those who would like to utilize KIEA volunteers, fill out the Request Application Form and submit the form either in person, by mail, or email to the KIEA secretariat.

Activity Report

The client will submit an activity report to KIEA secretariat.

Process of Referral

After selection, the KIEA secretariat will then refer registered volunteers to the client.

The following steps then must be taken:

  1. Apply for insurance for volunteer (on voluntary basis)
  2. Submission of Activity Report

Restriction on the Client

KIEA will not refer volunteers to the following activities.

  1. Activities for for-profit businesses.
  2. Activities related to political or religious causes.
  3. Activities which violate public safety, social order, or decency.
  4. Activities that can violate the reputation of an individual or organization.

Compensation for Volunteer’s Services

In principle, the volunteer performs his//her duties without monetary compensation.

However, should travel or other expenses occur during volunteering, the client will discuss reimbursement with the volunteers in advance.


Both the volunteer and client are expected to fulfill their responsibilities abiding by honesty and not to betray their causes.

Should any problems arise, the volunteer and client will resolve the problems independently of KIEA.

KIEA is not responsible for problems that arise outside of events organized by KIEA.

Thank you for your understanding.

Outline of the International Exchange Volunteer Program (PDF)