Fiscal year 2019

We're recruiting participants to dance in the main procession at the Kanoya Summer Festival!!! (August 3rd)

It’s that time again; this year’s summer festival!

The Kanoya International Exchange Association will take part once more in this year’s Kanoya Summer Festival dance parade, to be held on the 3rd of August.

If you are interested, why not apply and come along? We’re looking to recruit a team of more than 20 dancers!!!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to take part. Foreign residents and KIEA members, together let’s liven up this summer’s festival!

We’re looking forward to your application!!!

Kanoya Festival Dance Parade


Saturday, August 3rd from 4 pm.


Downtown Kanoya (From Kanoya City Hall to Shiroyama Park)

Cutoff date

Friday July 12th

Please note

We will give further notification of the schedule details later, prior to the day itself.

Furthermore, we will be holding group dance practice sessions on the following dates:

Kanoya Summer Festival Dance Practice

Date and time

1st session Tuesday 23rd July
2nd session Thursday 25th July
3rd session Sunday 28th July
4th session Thursday August 1st


Kanoya City 2nd Budokan/2nd Martial Arts Hall (Kanoya City Mukae-cho 26-1)

For reference

Information booklet(PDF)